Cabins and elevators

Mini-elevators, elevators, cable car cabins and ski lifts, sandwich panels are an important element for weight reduction.

A composite is created by mixing materials with different properties. This combination gives the final object superior mechanical properties of lightness and strength compared to individual materials. They are widely used in the construction of elevator cabins and vertical mobility solutions in general. They are also often used for cable car cabins due to their lightness, rigidity, strength and insulating properties.

In the creation of mobile mechanical structures, the need for lightness and easy assembly have become indispensable:

  • more and more urban plans tend to leave behind a horizontal development and convert to a vertical one, so lightweight materials are needed to facilitate construction up to considerable heights and save on heavy structures. Hence also in the creation of cabins and elevators that can reach the highest floors of modern buildings quickly and lightly.
  • The focus on the sustainability factor with reduced emissions in transport, and easy assembly and installation of the panels due to their light weight.
  • Reduced labour costs due to easy and fast assembly that speeds up construction time.

Lightness is the keyword in mobile mechanisms such as elevators, cabins and cable cars. Sandwich panels are used both to lighten structures and to avoid unsightly joints for cladding, ceilings and floors.

Up and down with the elegance of a refined design

Sandwich panels can be produced with customised finishes and workmanship and be used as both roofing and decorative panels. 

Tested and certified panels are also available for cabins and elevators.

To meet the most demanding requirements, CEL offers a variety of surface finishes ranging from mirrored, concrete, marble, HPL and more. CEL is happy to test solutions with on-demand materials to develop customised products, complete with edging, shaping and inserts.

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